Yes, yes, I said ski season was over.  And I did sacrifice some fun ski weekends for training.  But I HAD to have an official “goodbye” to my season.  I only had to give up my long run (which Coach said he’d add it on to my week). To make it work, I had to […]

Two weekend’s ago was the Ride Around Clark County.  I did the 66 miler.  I’ve never ridden in that area before and it had some good climbing and scenery.  A nice change.  But when riding in a large group, there are some things you should know ahead of time.   . Do you know the rules […]

Better Late than Never! I’m finally getting this out.  Don’t worry, I’m back on the update wagon. I finally conceded that my ski season is over.  It is time to get serious about my training and stop being a weekend slacker.  So I skipped Pond Skimming to do a time trial.  I’ve never done a […]

The last time I won an age group award I was 12.  Sure I got one in Cross Country in High School, but that was because there weren’t any other girls running. Then there was the time I won in the Athena category but that felt like cheating since I’m 5’9, muscular and hitting 150 […]

It has been a little over the month since Ironman Canada.  I’ve done many short bike rides, some short-ish runs (my longest being 8 miles), and I’m shunning the pool entirely. I’m starting to get VERY ANTSY.  Like my dog gets when he is very bored and starts shredding stuff.  Then I remind myself that […]

It’s been almost 3 weeks since Ironman.  My muscles feel good.  The only tell-tale sign that I did Ironman (besides the pile of Ironman Gear I purchased) is the fatigue.  I did an 8 miler last Sunday, felt great.  I took a 2 hour nap post run because I was TIRED.  Then I also went […]

It’s been a week and I’ve had some time to look around and see what has been neglected during Ironman training. Here’s the stuff they don’t tell you when you devote your time to training: 1. Do not plant a garden. It won’t get weeded, watered, or even get the fruit or veggies picked off […]